Association Dues

How much are the Association Dues?
As stated in the Charter, an annual fee of $150 must be paid by the lot owners.

What are the Dues for?
The money is mainly used to improve the landscaping of the neighbourhood such as flowerbeds at the entrances, cutting of the grass of empty lots, etc., and also to sponsor community activities such as the renting of the St-James hall for the annual general meetings, the annual corn roast, ARA golf tournament, etc.  It is important to note that the ARA board members provide their services for free for the benefit of the community, for which they do not receive any compensation.

What if I don’t Pay?
As stipulated in the Charter, any unpaid fee along with interest charges and reasonable legal fees will be a charge on the land and will be a continuing lien upon the lot.  Accordingly, any notary involved in the sale of an Alstonvale property is required to check with the ARA to ensure that the fees have been paid.  Any unpaid fees, along with interest charges will be deducted from the sale of the house to pay the Association.

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